Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with 2010

2010 has been bittersweet......My first "Major" running injury which kept me from competing for the first time since 1980.

4 Different orthopaedic specialist with 4 different views and prognosis left me dizzy with worry and the cold hard fact that I may never run again....Never mind that, as April thru July was all about saving my knee , being able to work and not disrupting the bone healing phase.

Not until Late July was I given the ok and start believing that I could be active again (the bone was 85% healed) . Like a lifted death sentence, the freedom of finally taking my dogs for a walk along the river was as rewarding to me as any of my previous running accomplishments.

Totally missing what I love to do but at the same time finding a peacefulness with taking each day as it comes and venturing out with new adventures and challenges.

Biking in Leadville, Colorado / Poncha Pass / La Veta Pass / Pagosa Springs to the top of Wolf Creek Pass- on what friends called my "comfort Cruiser Bike ".

Lots of work ahead and lots of patience to not just go out and run.....Elliptical / Rehab / Bike / Rehab / Slowly 1-2-3 mile walks with the dogs....

September - a slow careful jog....1 pain well a little pain, no not really hmmm does my knee hurt or am i just weak...Doc said 6 weeks, its been 8 ...Surely I can jog / walk and be ok...

Mid September, the temptation and desire was too great....1 mile 13:10- no pain / waiting for me knee to give out at work....nope feels fine

Late September every other day for the last week I jogged the last mile of my hour walk with my two Jack Russells Leading the way....12 min mile, 10.49- 9.50 - 9-25....the body remembers how to run and my knee feels fine...

October 1, 2010

2miles 18.41 Yes ....that was a real run

Daily walks and runs 1-2 miles the pace stays the same...9 min -10min pace

Oct 10th 5km run Manitou High school track...28.53
Oct 17 DCM 5km road 29.30

November 1-2010

8,59 mile --- Running daily now, mostly 10 min miles but 30-40 min solid

November 13- San Diego California...Founders Cup " ELLIPTIGO " Mt Palomar ascent aprox 13 miles 4500ft 10th overall. Crazy thing happened to me , I got sponsored by this wonderful new company and was asked to compete...I knew I was not fit but hey I got to keep my heart rate at 168 for 96 min.....I dont think my heart rate has been over 160 since early February for more than a minute or 2.....

Enjoying my own "Elliptigo" although it is getting colder I'm looking forward to using this to get racing fit come spring time, should running continue to go well...

November 30 MILE 7.59 not pretty had to sprint the last 5o m to break 8 min.

December 1, 2010 MILE 7.31 what the ???? I feel like a high school freshman setting running PR's weekly . Realization sets in that I am actually running again...60 min a day now...a few weeks of this 9-10 min training pace and some speed miles thrown in breaking 7.30 regularly now....but only one mile ...

Dec 13 MILE 7.11 yikes heart rate at 160

Dec 23 MILE 6.54

Dec 27 MIle 6.54

Dec 31 MILE 6.34

This starts my first attempt at plan is to work closely with new sponsor Elliptigo, attending several race events next year and seeing where my next adventure is..the goal is to inspire the injured,inform my friends as to my progress and to have some fun in 2011.

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